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Modernism Beyond the Metropolis

Part of the Collaborative European Research Council Grant Project: “Continuity / Rupture: Art and Architecture in Central Europe, 1918-1939” (CRAACE), led by Professor Matthew Rampley and hosted at the Department of Art History, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. Related Publications: 

Crossing Borders and Period Boundaries in Central European Art: The Work of Anna Lesznai (ca. 1910-1939)”, in Rethinking Period Boundaries: New Approaches to Continuity and Discontinuity in Modern European History and Culture, edited by Lucian George and Jade McGlynn. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2022 (forthcoming). 

Beyond the Provincial: Entanglements of Regional Modernism in Interwar Central Europe”, in Periodization in the Art Historiographies of Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Shona Kallestrupp et al. London: Routledge, 2022 (forthcoming). 

A New Austrian Regionalism: Alfons Walde and Austrian Identity in Painting after 1918” Austrian History Yearbook (2021), 1–26. 

"Artwork of the Month, December 2021: Židovská Street III (1935–36) by Imrich Weiner-Kráľ," CRAACE Blog, December 2021. Link here

“Artwork of the Month, July 2021: Logo of The Salzburg Festival By Poldi Wojtek (1928),” CRAACE Blog, July 2021. Link here

“Eternal And Blissfully Unaware: Unser Land Mit Unsern Augen (1949) And Austrian Cultural Amnesia After 1945,” CRAACE Blog, October 2020. Link here

“Artwork Of The Month, April 2020: Columbus In Der Slovakei By Leopold Wolfgang Rochowanski (1936),” CRAACE Blog, April 2020. Link here

“Artwork Of The Month, November 2019: Slovak Lourdes By Anna Lesznai (1924),” CRAACE Blog, November 2019. Link here

“Artwork Of The Month, May 2019: The Berghaus On The Hahnenkamm By Clemens Holzmeister (1929-1930),” Craace Blog, May 2019. Link here

“Artwork Of The Month: The Mother By Rudolf Koppitz (1925),” CRAACE Blog, January 2019. Link here